Turbinia: Automation Of Forensic Processing In The Cloud

Thomas Chopitea and Aaron Peterson discuss their research at DFRWS US 2018.

Thomas: It’s our first time presenting here at DFRWS. It’s also my first time and Aaron’s first time attending. So, we’re pretty excited to be here. I’m Tom, this is Aaron. We both work at Google. We do forensics and incident response. So, this basically means that we write a lot of code, because we’re lazy and we like to do things automatically. Aaron is the core developer for [Turbinia], I’m one of the core developers of [dfTimewolf], which we will introduce in a minute.

We’re in this sweet position where we can write a lot of code and also use the same code that we write in our daily incidents. So, that’s pretty cool, because we don’t have to follow feature requests [… well, we do … between] both of us. But most of the time, we can get … since we’re in the same team, we can get things solved pretty fast. And we really know what to expect and what we want our tools to do. So, that’s pretty cool.

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