Using Santa To Augment Forensic Investigations

Gary: Hi. The title of this talk is ‘He’s Making a List, and We’re Checking it Twice: Santa for Forensic Analysis’. I want to point out that it was very difficult coming up with this title. We had many runner-ups, including ‘I’m Telling You Why: Santa as a Forensics Tool’, ‘He Sees You When You’re Happy and Knows Just What You [Take]’, and ‘I Saw… Santa Claus’. None of those washed out, and ‘He’s Making a list, and We’re Checking it Twice’ is the title.

But you’re probably wondering who we are. I’m Gary. I’m on the Digital Forensics team at Google. I handle all security incidents, with a specialty on [00:53] last couple of years, and that’s kind of how I [fell into Santa]. And before that, I worked in the Detection team at Google, and before that, I did detection for the Federal Reserve’s National Incident Response team.

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