Video: Selective Deletion Of Non-Relevant Data

A short outline: after an introduction, we will have a look at selective deletion, a wider look at the evaluation, and a short conclusion. The motivation of this thesis was just to give you some background – I’m working at a police station as a computer forensic examiner – motivation for this thesis was that in law enforcement investigations, the search and seizure of digital evidence is a standard procedure, as we already have heard this morning, from Martin, and normally, a bitwise copy is created of the digital evidence.

Even Martin said this this morning – if the reason of the investigation is a non-cybercrime, is of non-cybercrime nature … I talked to the judge on Monday, who was responsible for all [the crimes] resulting in death, like murder and so on, and she said that in most cases, up to 90 per cent, the digital evidence is significant for the court.

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