Webinar: How To Image Macs With The T2 Chip

BlackBag Technologies is proud to announce the first and only solution to produce a decrypted physical image of Apple’s latest Mac systems utilizing the T2 chip.

Current logical imaging solutions, including functionality available in the previous version of BlackBag’s own MacQuisition tool, and competing solutions like Sumuri Recon and EnCase, miss critical file system information that only this new level of physical access will be able to provide.

This vital imaging functionality will be available in the upcoming MacQuisition 2019 R1 release and the output will be seamlessly ingested for analysis by BlackLight 2019 R1.Join BlackBag’s Director of Research, Dr. Joe Sylve to learn more about these new images during our webinar "Physical Decrypted Images from Macs with the T2 Chip". During this webinar, Dr. Sylve will review the following:

1. Why these new physical images are better than prior logical imaging techniques
2. How to image a system with the T2 chip
3. What changes they can expect when analyzing these new images
4. Details on the new image format needed to support T2 chip and APFS Fusion devices

Can’t make it live? This webinar will be recorded and available upon completion. If you can’t make the live webinar, please register and an on demand version will be sent to you.

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