XRY v6.4.1 launched

Micro Systemation (MSAB) have just updated their mobile forensics software, XRY. The latest version 6.4.1 now offers support for 8,108 mobile device profiles and includes a dozen new features for existing customers with a current license.

Included in the release is support for BlackBerry Physical, Nokia BB5, MTK Physical and MTK Android Dumping & Decoding. This version also sees enhanced support for 110 different smartphone apps over the Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms. With a brand new extraction wizard and support for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit machines this is the most powerful solution from XRY yet, enabled for the fastest processors to get you data faster than ever before.New Device Support Summary:

• 8,108 different mobile device profiles now supported
• 153 new devices in XRY Logical
• 167 new devices in XRY Physical Dumping
• 116 new devices in XRY Physical Decoding
• 123 new devices in Security Code Only
• 17 new smartphone apps

What's New in this Release?

>> Windows 7 64-bit support
>> MTK Android – Physical dumping & decoding
>> BlackBerry – Physical dumping
>> Nokia BB5 – Physical dumping
>> MTK Chinese Chipset – Physical dumping
>> iPhone 5 & iOS 6 – deleted message recovery
>> Windows Phone 7 & 8 – Logical file system
>> 110 smartphone apps supported
>> Android 4.0+ – Backup extraction
>> Improved Decoding 100+ CDMA devices
>> Improved XRY extraction wizard
>> Dump Motorola Droid RAZR without rooting
>> Android – Improved file system support
>> Improved display of GPS data
>> Automatic identification of BlackBerry devices
>> Brazilian Portuguese and Russian language

You can download the latest version of XRY from the company website:


Existing customers will need their User Name and Password to Log into the Customer Portal.

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