Exploring New Features With BlackLight 10.2

Julie: Hi. Hey everyone. Thanks for joining our webinar today, Exploring New Features In BlackLight 10.2. My name is Julie O’Shea, and I’m a marketing manager here at Cellebrite. Before we get started, there are a few notes that I’d … Read more

Upcoming Webinar: Exploring New Features with BlackLight 10.2

The release of BlackLight 10.2 includes new features and enhancements that will help investigators and examiners accelerate investigations in both the public and private sectors. In this webinar, our Cellebrite Forensic Engineers, Sarah Davis and Stephen Villere, will discuss, highlight, … Read more

Trust But Verify: Digital Artifact Edition

Julie: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining today’s webinar Trust But Verify: Digital Artifact Edition. My name is Julie O’Shea, and I’m the global marketing manager here at BlackBag. Before we get started today, there are some things that I’d like … Read more

How To Acquire Data From A Mac Using MacQuisition

Written by:
Justin Matsuhara, Solutions Engineer, BlackBag Technologies
Stephanie Thompson, Solutions Engineer, BlackBag Technologies

Depending on the digital forensic imaging tool you have available, creating a forensic image of a Mac computer can be either an anxiety-creating situation, or as … Read more

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