Upcoming Webinar: Collaboration Made Easy with BlackLight’s Portable Case Reader

The ability for examiners to share case information with key stakeholders for collaboration and review is a critical step in moving cases to completion. Whether only select pieces of evidence need to be shared or investigators are working in different locations, portable case makes data easy to share, allows work to be moved to those closest to the case and reduces turnaround time.

BlackLight’s Portable Case reader has been developed for reviewers on both macOS and Windows. The portable case does not require a BlackLight license to view, and they do not need to install any software, making it easier and quicker than ever to share important case data with all stakeholders involved.

During this webinar, Ben Charnota will dive into how BlackLight’s portable case feature can provide the capability to share and access critical case data for offline review. From providing investigators or district attorneys key findings, to presenting information for HR or legal review, BlackLight’s portable case will allow you to move forward the investigation.

August 6th

11 am PST / 2pm EST


Can’t make it live? Register and an on-demand version will be sent upon completion.

About our presenter:

Ben Charnota: Co-Founder of BlackBag and Chief Customer Officer at Cellebrite

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Ben possesses a deep background in data forensics, having worked on early pioneering cases in both the public and private sectors.  Prior to founding BlackBag with Chief Scientist, Derrick Donnelly, Ben was a key member of the Information Systems and Technology team at Apple Inc., leading digital forensic investigations and advising large operating groups as the technical lead on digital security.  Previously he served as a Technical Investigator at Adobe Systems where he developed their case management database, created software piracy prevention initiatives and coordinated raids with the USSS, FBI, and US Marshals in the apprehension of suspected Intellectual Property violators.  Ben holds a B.S. from San Jose State University and serves as a Reserve Police Officer with the City of Gilroy, CA.

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