Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.16.0.1 Is Out

The latest update to our flagship solution is here, Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.16.0.1. Key features include: Public data extraction via iOS Agent Extraction of iOS 17 devices Decryption of VeraCrypt containers with key files Updated support for WhatsApp QR Multi-Device… Read more

Samsung Device Data Extraction in Oxygen Forensic® Detective

Samsung Device Data Extraction in Oxygen Forensic® Detective Samsung has been leading the global market in manufacturing mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets for many years. Gaining access to digital evidence stored in popular Samsung devices has always been of vital… Read more

Binalyze AIR 3.0 Cloud Forensics

Steve Jackson: We are live. Good afternoon, everyone. Good morning if you’re in the US. Good afternoon in Europe. Good evening in the Asia-Pacific region. My name is Steve Jackson. I’m the SVP of Growth here at Binalyze, and welcome… Read more

Register for Webinar: Binalyze AIR 3.0 Cloud Forensics

During this webinar, Binalyze will share how its latest AIR 3.0 release extends its best-in-class forensics solutions from your traditional on-premise assets (Windows, Linux, macOS, ESXi and Chromebook) to your AWS and Azure cloud platforms. Enumerate and deploy to your… Read more

Get More From the Cloud: Health Apps

With more than 350,000 health apps available in major app stores, tracking fitness activity and logging health data has never been easier. According to a Pew Research Center study, 62% of smartphone users have used their device to gather health-related… Read more

Remote Acquisition With Magnet AXIOM Cyber

Hey, everyone, Trey Amick from Magnet Forensics here, and today I’m excited to walk through AXIOM Cyber’s network acquisition features. With the recent release of AXIOM Cyber we now have the ability to complete remote endpoint collections, as well as… Read more