OSAC And Standards In The Digital Evidence World

by Steve Johnson AI CLPE, CFA, Standards Ambassador – Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science In 1998, as the personal computer and cell phone industry was starting to explode, the Scientific Working Group for Digital Evidence (SWGDE)… Read more

How To Combat The UK’s Growing Forensics Backlog

Forensic backlogs are an increasing concern for many law enforcement agencies. Agencies must shift from simply collecting digital evidence to effectively analyzing the digital evidence collected. Media analysis is time-intensive and requires training to ensure that all pieces of evidentiary… Read more

Types Of Devices Examined In Digital Forensics Investigations

Today, digital forensic investigators must be adept at extracting evidence from an array of devices, each with unique structures, operating systems, storage capabilities, and security features. A case involving a desktop computer, for example, may require an understanding of operating… Read more

From Crime To Court: Review Principles For UK Disclosure

by Hans Henseler UK Law Enforcement agencies are facing significant challenges related to digital evidence disclosure in criminal prosecution cases. Suspects who are charged with a crime must have access to all relevant evidence to ensure a fair trial, even… Read more