Register For Webinar: Speed Up Your Incident Response

When every second matters for Incident Responders, isn’t it time to turbocharge your DFIR effort? In today’s highly sophisticated attack and threat landscape, incident response teams need to get the granular information they need at speed and scale. When the… Read more

Register for Webinar: Binalyze AIR 3.0 Cloud Forensics

During this webinar, Binalyze will share how its latest AIR 3.0 release extends its best-in-class forensics solutions from your traditional on-premise assets (Windows, Linux, macOS, ESXi and Chromebook) to your AWS and Azure cloud platforms. Enumerate and deploy to your… Read more

Exterro FTK Launches a Benchmark Forensics Survey

Portland, Ore., October 10 2022 – Exterro Inc., the developers of FTK®, the recognized gold standard of forensic software for law enforcement and the preferred provider of Legal GRC software specifically designed for in-house legal, privacy, and IT teams at… Read more

Have Your Say on The State of Enterprise DFIR

Magnet Forensics wants to know your thoughts on The State of Enterprise DFIR! We invite you to anonymously share your thoughts on the latest DFIR industry trends and developments, emerging threats, operational challenges, and where you see opportunities for improvement… Read more

Uncovering Windows Registry Data and the Latest Mac Artifacts

Julie O’Shea: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining today’s webinar: Uncovering Windows Registry Data and the Latest Mac Artifacts. I’m Julie O’Shea and I’m the Product Marketing Manager here at Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions. Before we get started, there are a few… Read more

Remote Mobile Collection for Corporate Investigations

Julie: Hi everyone! Thanks for joining today’s webinar: remote mobile collections for corporate investigations. My name is Julie O’Shea, and I’m a product marketing manager here at Cellebrite. Now, I’d like to introduce our speaker today: Ashley Hernandez. Ashley is… Read more