Industry Roundup: Mobile Field Triage Solutions

The ability to collect digital evidence in the field — away from a forensic laboratory — has long been a need in corporate, private, and law enforcement investigations.

That’s only accelerated over the past decade, as more people’s mobile devices … Read more

Industry Roundup: Image Recognition And Categorization

by Christa Miller, Forensic Focus

The need for image recognition and categorization has never been more in demand thanks to the spread of extremist propaganda, child sexual abuse material (CSAM), and other illicit activity across the internet.

Because of the Read more

MFP: The Mobile Forensic Platform

First published May 2005

Frank Adelstein
Senior Principal Scientist, ATC-NY

Digital forensics experts perform investigations of machines for “triage” to see if there is a problem, as well as to gather evidence and run analyses. When the machines to … Read more