Cyacomb and the NEORFC Partner in First Terrorism Fighting Efforts in the United States

Cyacomb and the Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center (NEORFC) partner in the first terrorism fighting efforts in the United States

Today, October 25, 2022, Cyacomb welcomes the Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center (NEORFC) as their newest partner to the Cyacomb Forensics Pathfinder Program.  The NEORFC joins agencies from California, Washington, Ohio, Scotland, and Germany in this program.

The Pathfinder Program is a collaboration between select law enforcement partners and Cyacomb, to provide lessons learned, data and best practices related to Cyacomb Forensics tools.  In this partnership, the NEORFC will use their subject matter expertise to assess, and advance Cyacomb Forensics’ fast forensic digital triage technology as it relates to terrorism activities. The NEORFC is one of eighty fusion centers designated and recognized by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The mission of the NEORFC is to facilitate and enhance the level of inter-agency communications, criminal and intelligence analysis, and information sharing among federal, state, and local stakeholders, and the public and private sectors in order to anticipate and counter criminal activity, terrorism, and other hazards in coordination with the Ohio Fusion Center Network and the Intelligence Community.

“Speed is at the core of our mission to keep Ohioans safe, and we are thrilled to partner with Cyacomb Forensics in their efforts to advance their forensic digital triage technology into the terrorism/all-hazards space. We are excited to join agencies from across the world in assessing and improving this technology.”

– Director Michael Herb, NEORFC

Cyacomb Forensics offers a new generation of digital forensics triage tools for law enforcement, finding evidence of child sexual abuse or terrorist material in minutes. Finding digital evidence fast empowers law enforcement to make decisions earlier, enables devices to be eliminated on scene, significantly reduces risk during investigations, and allows devices and case backlogs to be cleared quicker.

Cyacomb Forensics tools are already trusted by major UK and USA law enforcement agencies, and their tools are proven to deliver results.

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Ian Stevenson, CEO, and founder of Cyacomb, said: “We are excited to be working with NEORFC and Director Michael Herb on this pathfinder project. Understanding exactly how our technology is used, where it delivers value, and what limitations customers experience is at the heart of our culture of continuous improvement and building a strong evidence base around our technology.  Terrorism knows no borders, and collective effort in the development of new tools and approaches is vital to reducing the volume and minimising the effect of terrorist activity. “

Notes to Editors

For media enquiries and further information please contact Rachel Goddard at Cyacomb: / 07957 215252

About Cyacomb Forensics

Cyacomb harnesses the power of data and technology to help law enforcement, social media and cloud companies find and flag harmful content while protecting database security and user privacy.

Cyacomb Forensics’ tools help law enforcement find evidence 100x faster than traditional techniques, empowering them to make quick decisions on scene, replacing processes that take weeks or months in forensic labs. Customers include US and UK law enforcement.

Cyacomb Forensics’ tools were developed from university research, rooted in scientific methods, to provide unique highly secure block level hashing contraband filter technology to quickly scan suspect devices for known harmful and illegal files.

Cyacomb is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland and has a U.S. office in California.  Cyacomb employs 45 people and plans to increase in the next year to support its growth.

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