A Former Detective’s Perspective On Detego Field Triage’s Transformative Impact On ICAC, CSAM And IIOC Investigations

My time as a senior detective in charge of a specialist unit has taught me that successful investigations often require swift and precise action. When it comes to investigating Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), Indecent Images of Children (IIOC) and Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), time is a luxury you can’t afford. That’s why tool a like Detego Field Triage is perfect for these investigations.

With the explosion of data volumes and the sheer number of devices awaiting examination, the ability to swiftly identify devices harbouring critical information is more vital than ever. The traditional, time-intensive methods of shipping devices off for specialist analysis, coupled with the uncertainty of whether they contain pertinent data, present significant hurdles. Moreover, the relentless evolution of digital threats adds another layer of complexity to our work.

This is where Field Triage can help. Field Triage isn’t just another tool in the digital forensics arsenal; it’s a lifeline for frontline and lab-based investigators. 

This highly portable solution doesn’t waste time with unnecessary complexities. Instead, it gets straight to the heart of the matter, utilising keywords and hash-matching to swiftly pinpoint relevant data without the tedious wait or the need for lengthy extractions and analysis.

Addressing Investigative Pain Points with Field Triage

Rapid Access to Crucial Data

Time is of the essence, especially when dealing with child-related crimes. This is why Field Triage comes with an all-new Xpress HashScan Mode to pinpoint pictures and videos relevant to investigations up to 6x faster. This mode swiftly identifies and drills down into media content and provides real-time alerts as and when matches are found. The tool also includes an all-files mode and customisable options to provide investigators with the flexibility and granularity they need to target different file types during investigations. 

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Field Triage doesn’t just identify data; it helps you rapidly acquire usernames, passwords and critical information needed for a swift investigation.

Visual Alerts for Swift Decisions

Field Triage’s patented red-amber-green alert system is a game-changer. These real-time visual cues can empower you to make split-second decisions in critical moments, be it during a sting operation, while managing offenders or while inspecting a suspicious device submitted for further investigation. 

Deploy Anywhere, Anytime

A detective’s work is unpredictable, and so is the crime scene. Field Triage’s portable deployment ensures you can set it up and run it from anywhere, at a suspect’s location or in the field. You only need a removable USB device or an external hard drive to house Field Triage.

Tailored for Diverse Investigations

Child exploitation comes in many forms. Field Triage’s adaptability allows users to customise it for different investigation types – from modern slavery to indecent images of children – ensuring it’s a versatile tool in your investigative toolkit.

Automation for Efficiency

Investigating digital crimes can be overwhelming. Field Triage steps in with advanced automation, minimising manual efforts and giving investigators the speed needed to stay ahead while making sure forensically sound processes are followed and the chain of custody is maintained at each step. 

Integration with CAID and Project VIC

The integration with the Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) and Project VIC is a godsend. It streamlines the process, allowing you to fast-track investigations related to indecent images, sexual abuse material and ICAC cases by providing rapid access to information on millions of known child abuse images that have previously been detected around the world. 

User-Friendly for Every Detective

Not all of us are tech gurus, and that’s fine. Field Triage’s user-friendly interface means that non-technical investigators can get up and running in minutes without extensive training.

In a profession where every second counts, Field Triage understands the challenges you face and provides you with the critical insights you need every step of the way. 

As a former investigator, I can attest that in the ever-evolving landscape of digital crime, having Detego Field Triage on your side is like having a seasoned partner who knows the terrain – and knows it well.

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Written by Mike Bates – Technical Sales Engineer: North America

With nearly 30 years of experience in law enforcement, Mike Bates has a proven track record of success. He most recently served as a Sergeant overseeing a detective unit, leading a team of investigators conducting digital forensics investigations to uncover crucial evidence to solve serious crimes including homicides and Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC).

Mike currently works as a technical sales engineer at Detego Global, where he is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support. He offers comprehensive product training and support to ensure customers have the resources they need to succeed. He also conducts demos and presentations for potential clients to showcase Detego Global’s innovative solutions.

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