Exploring Detego’s Multiple Deployment Options

It’s no secret that the rapid pace of digital transformation is placing increasing pressure on digital forensic investigators. For years, the technology landscape has been introducing new devices capable of holding and managing larger amounts of data, from tablets and smartphones, to drones and smart IoT devices.

Since the pandemic, the pace at which communities have been adopting these devices has increased significantly, to the point where around 6,648 billion people own smartphones, and countless others use laptops, tablets, and connected tools. With more data to manage than ever before, police forces and investigative teams are forced to evolve beyond traditional forensics tools.

While in-lab forensics investigations tools and software still have a role to play in the investigative landscape, reliance on traditional tools alone can lead to significant backlogs. These backlogs not only cause frustration, but they can also lead to the disruption of justice.

Fortunately, flexible deployment options available from companies like Detego with the Detego Unified Investigations platform could offer a solution.

Making Digital Forensics Accessible

Today’s influx of ultra-fast and intelligent devices is pushing investigators to explore more flexible forensic investigation methodologies for handling digital evidence on-scene, as well as in the lab. Detego’s Unified Investigations platform – an award-winning, and globally recognised solution for investigations – brings accurate forensic technology where users need it most.

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In any deployment mode, Detego’s Unified Investigations platform features state-of-the-art tools trusted by countless investigators around the world. The platform includes:

  • Ballistic Imager: The world’s fastest forensic imaging tool, equipped with patented technology enabling investigators to capture 1TB of data from in less than 8 minutes.
  • Field Triage: A portable tool capable of rapidly identifying and alerting users of data related to investigations while eliminating the need for time-consuming data extraction and analysis.
  • Media Acquisition: A tool that fast-tracks investigations by simultaneously analysing and securing data from various removable devices, while providing live views of the data being
  • Detego MD: Unlocks and extracts data from tens of thousands of mobile phone models (including burner phones), as well as a host of drones, IoT devices, wearables and thousands of apps.
  • Remote Acquisition: Enables rapid imaging across networked environments, while providing the added convenience of being able to resume extractions from previous cut-off points in the event of network failures/drops.
  • Fusion: Builds intelligent cases based on accurate data analysis and identifies hidden links, to streamline investigations.
  • Detego Analyse: Integrates all forensic acquisitions and delivers AI-driven automation features to promptly enable in-depth intelligence, analysis, and court-ready reporting.

Detego’s Multiple Deployment Options

The state-of-the-art technology, leveraged by military personnel, enterprises, and law enforcement groups worldwide, can be deployed in a traditional lab setting, as well as a multitude of other settings.

In the lab, the solutions can be used at the highest capacity to accelerate data extraction, analysis, and reporting, helping reduce backlogs and close cases faster.

Detego’s Unified Investigations Platform also brings incident response and digital forensics investigations to the frontlines. With this technology, investigators can extract data from devices safely, and even analyse the data gathered without the need for specialist teams and labs. Detego’s field-based solutions require absolutely minimal training and are capable of rapidly identifying data related to investigations with instant alerts.

In the field, Detego users can receive instant insights into devices without time-consuming data extraction processes, determining which devices need to be passed on to the lab. Detego’s deployment options include:

  • Kiosks: Powerful kiosk technology comes equipped with all the software and hardware needed to carry out rapid yet comprehensive investigations anywhere. These kiosks can be implemented at airports, police stations, and various other environments.
  • Mobile deployment kiosks: Designed with mobility in mind, the mobile deployment kiosks are ready to be implemented on police cars, vans, and other moving assets. This ensures the investigation can continue when users are on the road.
  • Field deployment packs: Specialist equipment designed for durability and rapid performance enabling field-based agents in the army, police, and intelligence agencies to carry out the forensically sound investigations even when deployed in the harshest of conditions.

The Power of Mobile and Flexible Investigations

With around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced every day, investigators are dealing with an ever-increasing tidal wave of information, causing backlogs, delays, and disruptions.

Thanks to the multiple deployment options offered with Detego’s Unified Investigation platforms, investigators can achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency without compromising on accuracy. The use of mobile deployment and field triage solutions allows investigators to quickly determine which data is top priority for an investigation, and even analyse evidence on-scene.

With Detego’s Unified Investigation platform, departments and agencies can even deploy triage software to non-technical investigators, while trained experts maintain continued control over compliant investigative processes.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, a mobile, flexible, and versatile solution for investigations keeps teams one step ahead in the fight for justice.

Visit www.detegoglobal.com to find out more information.

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