Selective File Extraction With XRY

Hello, I’m Adam Fermin, a technical sales engineer here at MSAB. This short video is going to show you the benefits of using file selection when dealing with mobile device extractions.

Selective file extraction is becoming more and more important when dealing with victim or witness handsets. Let’s have a quick look at how MSAB has made improvements into XRY to help you deal with those type of cases. What file selection allows us to do is just to target and extract specific data.

So we can navigate the Android file system, we can drill down into the storage, DCIM, into the camera roll, and all of this can be done in the presence of a victim or witness, putting them at ease that we’re only extracting data that is relevant. We can zoom in, and once we’re happy with our selection, we can review them, and once we press next, this would then be created into a secure file format of XRY.

We can also capture screenshot. Capture screenshot is exactly as it sounds: quick, easy instructions informing us to prepare the handset on the screen that we wish to capture. Once more, only taking what is absolutely necessary and relevant to our case. Once we’ve captured our first screenshot, we can add a further screenshot if required. And once we hit next, we would carry on through and create our secure file format XRY.

Some of the other functionality that has been added into XRY is the ability to create a date and time span. MSAB offers you some pre-built ones, but we also offer the functionality to allow you to create your own date and time frame that is relevant. XRY has also added the ability to target just specific apps. If our case just involved WhatsApp, then we’re only going to extract WhatsApp. And finally, we’ve even allowed you capability to just extract relevant categories. So if our case just involved pictures, we could just target pictures.

This was just a quick run-through of what the development team have implemented into XRY to help us comply and put victims and witnesses at ease when we’re dealing with their digital devices.

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