Upgraded XRY 9.2.1 And XAMN 5.2.1 Now Available

Greater Checkm8 extraction support for iOS, improved decoding of Warrant returns and much more.

Today’s XRY 9.2.1 and XAMN 5.2.1 releases arrive with across the board improvements.

Release highlights:

The XRY integrated jailbreak tool, based on the checkm8 exploit, now

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Fighting Child Exploitation With Digital Forensics

Why it matters

Who will listen to the hundreds, if not thousands, of silent children who cry out for justice after being victims of manipulators or authority figures?

You would think that the answer to the question “why does it

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James Eichbaum, Global Training Manager, MSAB

Let’s start with a little bit about you. How did you come to your current role? What about training resonated for you, relative to other roles?

My digital forensics career has afforded me the privilege of attending over a thousand … Read more

New Release: XRY 9.2, XAMN 5.2 And XEC 6.1

Speed up operations, easily process warrant returns and discover more data with greater functionality and control.

The new versions of XRY, XAMN and XEC give improved capabilities to extract, analyze and manage mobile evidence faster and easier with enhanced visibility

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How To Use And Export Cloud Tokens With XRY

In this video, I’m going to show you how to download cloud tokens with XRY. This does require the XRY Cloud license to download them. You don’t get them without that license – as you can see here, I did … Read more

How To Find Location Data From Pictures In XAMN

Welcome to this XAMN feature demonstration video. In this video I will show the use of XAMN filters to find images containing location information, this being longitude, latitude or even both. I will also demonstrate how to create a pivot … Read more

MSAB & PenLink: Combining the Powers of Mobile Forensics

It’s all about those apps! Technology has moved our society past traditional phone calls and text messages; gathering data from mobile apps and social media providers has become the new normal. The bad news? Law enforcement must keep up. The … Read more