MSAB Releases XRY 10.4, XAMN 7.4 and XEC 7.4

Enhanced physical support options for MTK, added support to import data held in CLBX files, plus a whole new level of analytics in mobile forensics.

Today’s releases of XRY, XAMN and XEC represent a substantial advance in our efforts to help forensic investigators, digital investigators and other users acquire and analyze mobile data faster and easier than ever.

Release highlights:

XRY 10.4

XRY 10.4 brings significant extraction and decoding capabilities to more mobile devices, with the total number of supported devices exceeding 43.400 and over 4300 app versions.

Enhanced support for iOS: With the new release, we are helping ensure support for the latest iOS 16.1, including improved support for Apple Notes and Apple Warrant Returns. Plus, forensic specialists can now retrieve the renamed and deleted iOS File System Events from jailbroken devices.

MTK locked device support extension: To enable investigators to access an increased amount of data, XRY 10.4 includes added support for full physical extraction and decoding data from locked MTK chipsets using the Android MediaTek Generic profile.

To process a wider variety of mobile related data the new release also includes added decoding support for Twitter Warrant returns. We are also happy to announce that the new release supports importing and decoding the latest CLBX files and continue to support importing UFDR files.

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Ensure the chain of custody with the .xry file format: The .xry forensic file format has built-in protection and encryption. With this release it will now be possible to configure XRY files to be written with 256-bit encryption to increase the security and ensure the chain of custody of digital data.

Forensic support for Wickr Cloud data download: XRY 10.4 also comes with improvements for XRY Cloud. We have added the possibility to download data from Wickr Cloud accounts by using the token recovered from Android devices.

XRY has gone through several significant user experience improvements in order to give forensic specialists increased flexibility and smoother operation while extracting digital evidence.

XAMN 7.4

We are delighted to announce that our existing users with either XAMN Spotlight, Horizon, or Elements are automatically upgraded to XAMN Pro in this release at no extra cost.

XAMN Pro is next level mobile forensics; a powerful intuitive tool that helps you find and analyze data faster, easier, with greater precision. XAMN Pro brings the benefits of greater functionality and even better value to investigators through the unique advantage of being the only software tool out there which is guaranteed to map, index, and optimally present every single data artifact.

Early access to Connections view filter: To narrow the search in cases with massive data and connections, you can now have early access to the new Connection View filter to focus on connections with an interaction count above a set threshold.

XAMN has also gone through several significant user experience and overall performance improvements in order to give digital investigators increased flexibility while researching the collected data.

XEC Director 7.4

More control from a central point: We have added support to XEC Director to allow administrators lock the MSAB Kiosk or MSAB Tablet client systems preventing users from logging in. Plus, you now have the possibility to view, and choose to include, previously deleted client systems or users when viewing the audit log.

The new release also includes improvements to the upgrades and uploads function to make the user experience even better.

MSAB Kiosk, Tablet and Express

With the new release all end users, not only administrators, can automatically have direct access to the recovery data stored for aborted workflows.

Remarkable standardized digital forensic reports improvement: You can now easily add all photos and notes taken during a sequence to the automatically generated forensic statements. In addition, the placement of a witness consent form is now fully controllable, plus the SFR reports now summarize an extraction workflow sequence.

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