Digital Investigations Meet Remarkable Innovation In MSAB’s Latest Major Release 

MSAB is proud to announce the highly anticipated third major release of the year, showcasing significant updates and new features across its flagship products: XRY, XAMN, and XEC. This release solidifies MSAB’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to law enforcement agencies, digital investigators, and forensic experts worldwide.  

“Our vision is clear: to continue advancing digital forensics technology and supporting the vital work of law enforcement agencies worldwide,” says Peter Heuman, newly appointed CEO at MSAB. “The latest release of XRY, XAMN, and XEC is just the beginning of what we have in store.”  

Key highlights of the latest major release from MSAB: 

  • XRY 10.7: The latest version of XRY brings a host of new features and improvements, enhancing the efficiency of mobile data extraction and decoding. Notable additions include support for iOS 17 and Android 14 and the ability to extract OCR and content recognition from Apple Photos. Significant enhancements have been made to Full File System Extractions by adding support for selective app extractions.  
  • XAMN 7.7: The powerful data analysis and visualization tool has also been subject to significant upgrades. This version introduces an import function for the popular Berla iVe format, allowing forensic practitioners to easily run cases involving vehicle and mobile data within XAMN. Map and geographic data have seen a complete overhaul, with simplified artefact presentation, more flexible areas of interest, and the possibility to store offline maps in a central location. The Report builder has been improved upon further.  
  • XEC 7.7: MSAB’s evidence management platform, continues to evolve with the release of XEC 7.7. This version allows users to manage clients running XRY Pro directly from XEC Director. The audit functionality has seen an 800% increase in the number of XAMN actions logged. 

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the challenges they face, and our goal is to make their jobs easier,” says Bradley Sipes, Chief Product Officer at MSAB. “With XRY 10.7, XAMN 7.7, and XEC 7.7 we are not just providing software updates; we are delivering solutions that actively improve the workflows and productivity of law enforcement professionals.”  

The MSAB toolkit provides secure end-to-end mobile forensics solutions that help agencies and organizations worldwide with solving cases ranging from criminal activity to exposing fraud. 

“The improvements we brought to our products are multifaceted,” added Bradley Sipes. “You can select from which specific apps to extract data for Full File System extractions; it’s easier than ever to analyze machine and handwritten text in pictures; and when you run investigations involving geographic artefacts, you’ll be very happy with how straightforward it is to do in in XAMN.” 

“MSAB has a rich history of innovation,” says Peter Heuman. “And that tradition continues with this major release.” 

For more information about this release, please refer to the detailed release notes or visit MSAB’s website at

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Peter Heuman, CEO MSAB,, +46 70 727 9090

Bradley Sipes, CPO MSAB,, +46 8739 0270 

About MSAB: 

MSAB is a world leader in forensic technology for extracting and analyzing data in seized mobile devices. The company develops high-quality and easy-to-use software for law enforcement organizations, such as police, defense, and customs. The products, which have become a de facto standard for securing evidence in criminal investigations, can be supplemented with reporting tools and a large range of training with certifications within a holistic method for forensic science. The company serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, through its own sales offices and through distributors. MSAB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker name: MSAB B.

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