Binalyze Secures $19 Million In Series A Funding

Cybersecurity firm will use the investment to accelerate the growth and development of its category-defining Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) platform. Binalyze, a leading provider of cutting-edge Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) solutions, today announced it has raised… Read more


REGISTER NOW HERE Today’s cyber threats demand more than just detection; they require deep forensic insight, with DFIR at the heart of your SOC, for quick and effective resolution. In our upcoming webinar, we’ll explore: Rapid forensics at scale Fast… Read more

Prioritization At Binalyze

Here at Binalyze, as in any product team, one of our biggest challenges in product development is prioritization. The decisions about where to focus our energies and the general order of our work impact a large number of our teams.… Read more

Binalyze Customer Q&A – Bryan Barnhart, Infiltration Labs

Bryan Barnhart, owner of Infiltration Labs – a specialist in Digital Forensic investigations, penetration testing, and cyber security incident response, answers questions about his first-hand experience of using Binalyze AIR. Bryan knows the world of DFIR only too well, thanks… Read more

Automated Compromise Assessment With DRONE

DRONE is AIR’s built-in automated compromise assessment technology which dramatically reduces the time required to identify IOCs in a DFIR investigation and begin containment and remediation. DRONE flies above your live systems and data acquisitions to deliver an unparalleled decision… Read more

Offline Collection With Binalyze AIR

The reality of modern incident response is that it’s not always possible to remotely connect with every one of your endpoints. Some assets are required to be standalone and others, such as laptops, may have become faulty, and others may… Read more

Mitre Att&ck Scanning And Mapping Added To DRONE

The DFIR Lab team at Binalyze have their finger on the pulse of the cybersecurity ecosystem to ensure that our DRONE assisted compromise assessment module within AIR always includes the latest IOCs. In addition they are always working on an… Read more

The Power Of Auto Asset Tagging In DFIR

When a breach occurs one of the first questions the investigating team leader will want answered is, ‘how many of our assets could this potentially impact or has it already impacted?’ To best answer that question you’ll need to know… Read more

Why DFIR Is The New Frontier Of Cybersecurity

The Business Case for DFIR It’s time to reassess what you think you know of Digital Forensics. It is no longer just a post-mortem investigation, no longer something to just generate legal reports, no longer about reviewing individual hard-drives. It… Read more

Register For Webinar: Speed Up Your Incident Response

When every second matters for Incident Responders, isn’t it time to turbocharge your DFIR effort? In today’s highly sophisticated attack and threat landscape, incident response teams need to get the granular information they need at speed and scale. When the… Read more

Binalyze AIR 3.0 Cloud Forensics

Steve Jackson: We are live. Good afternoon, everyone. Good morning if you’re in the US. Good afternoon in Europe. Good evening in the Asia-Pacific region. My name is Steve Jackson. I’m the SVP of Growth here at Binalyze, and welcome… Read more