Belkasoft Summarizes the Results of 2019 for Belkasoft Evidence Center

2019 has been an eventful year for the Belkasoft team.This article summarizes the most important upgrades and improvements related to Belkasoft Evidence Center, including: – Advanced Mobile Device Acquisition– Remote Acquisition– Incident Investigation– Cross-Case Search– Multi-User Team Edition– Graphical Timeline–… Read more

Analysis Of Jump Lists With Belkasoft Evidence Center

Jump Lists are an artifact of the Windows OS. It first emerged in Windows 7: this artifact has been present in all the subsequent versions of the Windows OS ever since.Jump Lists make it possible to get quick access to… Read more

Forensic Extraction Of Data From Mobile Apple Devices

This article examines the fundamentals of a forensic examination covering Apple mobile devices. A step-by-step guide describing the process of forensic data extraction and analysis exemplified by Apple mobile devices (iPhone) will be given below. This article will also familiarize… Read more

Belkasoft’s Webinar On New Ways To Acquire iOS Devices With BEC

Join the upcoming webinar to learn new ways to acquire iOS devices with Belkasoft Evidence Center. Brad Robin, Belkasoft’s Pre-Sales Manager and law enforcement professional, will hold a special talk dedicated to ‘Acquisition of iOS devices with Belkasoft Evidence Center… Read more

Belkasoft’s Customer Survey: Your Chance To Win A License

2019 was full of events, improvements, and upgrades for Belkasoft Evidence Center. To a great extent, our customers’ feedback was the source of these advancements. Owing to it, Belkasoft Evidence Center 2020 has become what it is now.2020 is approaching.… Read more

Belkasoft Discusses Proper Timelines And How to Handle Them

Belkasoft has published a guide covering the capabilities of Belkasoft Evidence Center related to building and analyzing proper timelines. As the article stresses, ‘timeline is a crucial notion of digital forensics. Numerous lasting crimes are essentially sequences of actions leaving… Read more