EnCase® Webinar Features SANS Lead Instructor Rob Lee

A Triage and Collection Strategy for Time-Sensitive InvestigationsNovember 19 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific With the average hard drive now averaging one terabyte in size, the fallout from the explosion of user-created data has become an overwhelming volume of potential evidence… Read more

EnCase® OnLive Training Expands Customer Options

Recognizing the increased need for training options for remote learners, Guidance Software has expanded our online learning offerings. We’ve added a live, Internet streaming option for students who wish to attend our classes without making the trip to our classrooms.… Read more

EnCase 7.10: Better Visibility, Simpler Reporting, More Flexible

For more than 15 years, EnCase has empowered investigators by exposing data invisible to most tools and putting this data at the investigator’s fingertips with flexible, accessible analysis and reporting. EnCase 7.10 is built to continue this tradition. EnCase 7.10… Read more

Tableau TD3 Forensic Imaging System: Raising the Bar Since 2012

When Guidance Software originally released the Tableau TD3 forensic imaging system back in 2012, it was revolutionary. Forensic investigators had asked for and eagerly awaited innovations like the color touchscreen user interface, modular architecture, network imaging, and remote triage capabilities.… Read more

EnCase Training Passport – Certification and Success Through Affordable Training

Guidance Software’s EnCase products are industry standard for corporations and government agencies that need to conduct digital investigations. Capable of addressing every digital investigation scenario, EnCase products are used for e-discovery, cybersecurity, computer forensic investigations, information assurance and other mission… Read more

EnCase 7.09.04: Extracting Passwords from OS X Keychains

EnCase 7.09.04 is now available and contains several enhancements to make your investigations more efficient and comprehensive. Today’s digital investigators face a constant struggle to maintain comprehensive investigative skill sets, while continuously improving efficiency in the face of overwhelming growth… Read more

EnCase Forensic 7.09: iOS Investigations Out of the Box

Most investigators are familiar with the capabilities of EnCase® Forensic as a tool for investigation of desktops, servers, and hard drives, but did you know that ever since EnCase Forensic v7 was introduced, it has provided support for smartphone operating… Read more