Have Your Say on The State of Enterprise DFIR

Magnet Forensics wants to know your thoughts on The State of Enterprise DFIR! We invite you to anonymously share your thoughts on the latest DFIR industry trends and developments, emerging threats, operational challenges, and where you see opportunities for improvement… Read more

The Basics of Forensic Video Recovery with DVR Examiner

Jimmy: Hello, and welcome to the basics of forensic video recovery and Magnet DVR Examiner. My name is Jimmy Schroering, and we’re today going to be looking at how traditional video recovery works and some of the challenges associated with… Read more

Using Magnet IGNITE to Accelerate Breach Response Cases

8th July 2022 by Magnet Forensics Our customers need these answers as quickly as possible to minimize business interruption and Magnet IGNITE has enabled us to provide them hours—and sometimes days—earlier.”— Michael Nelson, Managing Partner , CYBIR CYBIR is a… Read more

DFIR Digital Transformation

Stephen Boyce: Welcome to the Magnet Virtual Summit 2022. We missed you in Nashville, but we’re glad that you’re here virtually. Today, I’ll be talking about the digital forensic and incident response digital transformation. Many of you in your agencies… Read more