The Top Five New Features in Magnet AXIOM 1.0.8

File System Keyword Search, iTunes 10.1.1 Backup Decryption Torrent Artifact Support, and more

The newest version of Magnet AXIOM has just been released. AXIOM 1.0.8 adds important new features for digital forensics examiners and investigators. We wanted to highlight some … Read more

A Deeper Look at Magnet AXIOM’s Improved Hashing

By Jamie McQuaid, Forensic Consultant at Magnet Forensics

One of the most obvious benefits of Magnet AXIOM is the access to the entire file system, as well as the hundreds of artifact types that the Magnet Forensics parsing and carving … Read more

Improved Searching And Filtering In Magnet AXIOM

One feature enhancement in Magnet AXIOM that IEF users will appreciate is improvements in searching and filtering. In AXIOM, we’ve made searching and filtering almost instant. You can stack filters to help narrow your search criteria and swap out any … Read more

Why False Positives Are Important

By Jamie McQuaid

Most forensic examiners are familiar with seeing false positives in their search or processing results. False positives will always be present in tools that conduct some form of data carving in their searching and/or processing.

I often … Read more

Q&A: Chuck Cobb, Magnet Forensics’ New VP Of Training

We all know the forensics industry needs to be credible and reliable to have its necessary impact in the courtroom. Magnet Forensics recently launched an expanded training program and its first certification – the Magnet Certified Forensic Examiner (MCFE). To … Read more

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