AFF4-L Support, Portable Case Updates and More in Magnet AXIOM 4.5 & Magnet AXIOM Cyber 4.5

Magnet AXIOM 4.5 and Magnet AXIOM Cyber 4.5 are now available! With AXIOM 4.5 and AXIOM Cyber 4.5, search performance improvements have been made to speed up investigations and Portable Case has been updated so it’s easier to share case evidence with non-technical stakeholders. And with AXIOM Cyber 4.5, you can now create and ingest AFF4 Logical containers.

If you haven’t tried AXIOM or AXIOM Cyber yet, request a free trial here.

New in AXIOM & AXIOM Cyber: Portable Case Updates Help You Easily Share Case Evidence

If you’re using Portable Case in AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber, we’ve now introduced a new Case Dashboard view. This view provides an at-a-glance summary of your evidence so others can quickly review the case. This is especially helpful if you’re sharing evidence for review with non-technical stakeholders, who will be able to quickly understand:

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  • Artifact categories
  • Keyword matches
  • Tags and Comments
  • Evidence overview
  • Case processing details
  • And more!

New in AXIOM & AXIOM Cyber: Search Performance Improvements to Speed Up Investigations

AXIOM 4.5 will help make your examinations even faster! We’ve made significant improvements to performance when filtering advanced keyword searches, speeding up your search return times—by an average of 37 times faster based on our internal testing!—and saving you valuable time in your investigations.

We’ve also added two other new features to help streamline your searches:

  • Auto complete for keyword searches based on the artifacts in your case
  • Searching and highlighting keywords within Document and HTML previews

For more on the new search performance improvements in 4.5, check out this blog and video from Tarah Melton.

New in AXIOM Cyber: Generate Forensically-Sound AFF4-L Images

Following up our support for AFF4 Physical containers in 4.2, AXIOM Cyber 4.5 gives you the ability to save logical remote collections in the AFF4-L format as a more forensically sound alternative to zip containers.

AFF4-L is a vendor-neutral, open standard designed specifically for forensic imaging, giving you confidence that the integrity of your evidence is maintained.

Both AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber also support the ingestion of AFF4-L images generated by other tools.

To learn more about AFF4-L, read Jessica Hyde’s blog post.

New in AXIOM: Skype User Data Download Support

In addition to support for Google Takeout and Facebook user data downloads, AXIOM now supports processing of Skype User Data download packages. Now you can easily add Skype user data downloads from co-operative witnesses or victims to your case and analyze them alongside your other evidence sources.

New Artifacts

  • Application Preferences (Apple)
  • FeatureUsage (Windows)
  • Google Calendar (Apple)
  • Mi Browser (Android)
  • Mint Browser (Android)
  • Signal (Windows)
  • Wickr (Windows)

Artifact Updates

  • Apple Maps (Apple)
  • Discord (Apple)
  • Google Duo (Android)
  • Google Meet (Android)
  • KakaoTalk (Android)
  • Rebuilt Desktop (Windows)
  • Safari (Apple)
  • Safari Preferences (Apple)
  • Secret Photo Vault (Apple)
  • Text Me (Apple)
  • TikTok (Apple)
  • Wickr Me (Android)
  • Yahoo Mail (Apple)

Get Magnet AXIOM 4.5 and Magnet AXIOM Cyber 4.5 Today!

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