Challenges and Images

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Test Images

Computer Forensic Reference Data Sets (CFReDS)

The CFReDS site is a repository of reference sets/images of simulated digital evidence for examination. Some images are produced by NIST, often from the CFTT (tool testing) project, and some are contributed by other organizations.

Digital Corpora

A website of digital corpora for use in computer forensics research. Some of the corpora on this website are freely available, while others are only available to researchers under special arrangement.

Digital Forensics Tool Testing Images

File system and disk images from Brian Carrier for testing digital forensic analysis and acquisition tools.

HogFly’s Memory Dumps

Available on HogFly’s skydrive here.

Linux LEO

This site is intended to assist members of the computer forensic community learn more about Linux and its potential as a forensic tool. Various practice images are available under the heading “Supplemental Files” in the left hand side menu.

Wireshark Sample Captures

A large number of sample packet captures to use with Wireshark.

Enron Email Dataset

This dataset contains data from about 150 users, mostly senior management of Enron, organized into folders. It contains a total of about 0.5M messages originally made public, and posted to the web, by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission during its investigation. After various corrections (notably by Melinda Gervasio at SRI) and redactions it is now made available by William W. Cohen at CMU.

Forensic Challenges and Exercises

DFRWS Challenges





Black T-Shirt Challenge

Lance Mueller’s Practical Exercises

The Honeynet Project – Scan 24 Challenge

A challenge set by the Digital Forensic Research WorkShop involving a dd image of a recovered floppy.

The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners® – Sample Practical Exercise

Image file of a floppy diskette with accompanying case scenario.

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest

The Network Forensics Puzzle contest is written by Sherri Davidoff and Jonathan Ham with occasional guest authors.

UK Cyber Security Challenge

The Cyber Security Challenge is a series of national online games and competitions that will test the cyber security abilities of individuals and teams from every walk of life. It is designed to excite and inspire anyone considering a career in the cyber security industry and identify talented individuals capable of becoming part of the UK’s cyber security profession.

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