FT Cyber Security Summit Europe – London 22nd September

On the 22nd of September 2015, Forensic Focus will be attending the FT Cyber Security Summit in London. If there are any topics you’d specifically like us to cover, or any speakers you think we should interview, please let us know in the comments.

The second annual FT Cyber Security Summit Europe 2015 will bring together boardroom directors, chief executives, senior management and chief information security officers to discuss the current threats in cyberspace and what more should be done to build safer and more resilient businesses.

Chaired and moderated by senior FT journalists, the speakers and panellists will include a mix of corporate CISOs and senior officials from government departments responsible for helping public and private sector organisations manage their cyber risks.

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Below is an overview of the speakers and subjects that will be featured at the Cyber Security Summit.

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The morning’s keynote address will discuss how European governments are making an effort to make cyberspace a safer place for citizens. Topics covered will include an overview of the threats associated with a diverse range of areas, from national security to small businesses and individuals. The cyber security strategies of the European Commission will then be analysed and evaluated, followed by an examination of how these strategies help critical infrastructure companies and other businesses to improve their security.

This will be followed by a panel discussion regarding how businesses can develop a more effective strategy. Subjects for discussion include how to re-assess current organisational risks, how to get the whole management team involved in cyber security, and to what extent government initiatives are useful when developing strategies in business.

The role of the CISO will be covered in the next presentation by Jaya Baloo of KPN Telecom. This will include a discussion of a CISO’s responsibilities, as well as how people in this position can effectively communicate security concerns to the rest of the senior management team. The importance of encryption will also be discussed.

Kevin Mandia from FireEye will then be interviewed on stage about a CEO’s role in cyber security, and how closely CEOs should work with their corporate security managers. This will be followed by a discussion of the steps that should be followed in terms of incident response – damage limitation, keeping the business running, informing customers, and dealing with the media.

Another panel discussion will then take place, featuring panelists from the Global Cyber Security Center, Vodafone, the FT and the Post Office. The conversation will centre around cyber security in communications, including an analysis of the extent to which the government should be involved in ensuring security in this sector.

Industry standards and regulatory punishments will be the next subject of discussion, with a panel including speakers from Elsevier and Heathrow Airport. The panel will evaluate the effectiveness of current regulations, both from the government and also at industry-specific level. The challenges of ensuring that a cyber security strategy meets all legal requirements as well as industry standards will also be discussed.

The National Grid will then be explored as a case study – with a security strategy that works across all jurisdictions, and a clear policy on the sharing of information, it will demonstrate how to take a strategic, multi-national approach to cyber security.

Venture capital will be discussed in the first session of the afternoon, including how to set up and fund an in-house innovation lab, and the importance of accelerator programmes. Case studies will also be presented to demonstrate the range of VC options available and which have been the most effective to date in terms of cyber security.

Following on with the financial theme, the next panel discussion will focus on the finance sector and its need for increased cyber security. One topic of conversation will be whether the involvement of financial regulators is useful – they often have a large say in how banks guard against cyber attacks, but are frequently focused on guidance and cooperation rather than on security itself.

Professor Philippa Gardner from Imperial College London’s Department of Computing will then present some new techniques for computer analysis and verification with a view to aiding cyber security. Professor Gardner will outline current research by the Research Institute in Automated Program Analysis and Verification, and will then discuss how this can be applied in the commercial world.

Sorin Ducaru, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, will then be interviewed on stage about where the main threats to national security are coming from, what form they take and what NATO is doing to defend itself.

The day will close with a keynote address from Ciaran Martin, the Director General for Government and Industry Cyber Security at GCHQ. Martin will discuss the importance of the public and private sectors joining together to deal with cyber security concerns, and will also evaluate the usefulness of national cyber security strategies to businesses.

Forensic Focus readers save 15% on the ticket price.  Quote code FORF15 when registering online at http://live.ft.com/cybersecurity

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