Techno Security & Digital Forensics 2020 – San Diego March 9-11

From the 9th to the 11th of March 2020, the Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference will be running in San Diego, CA. If there are any topics you’d particularly like us to cover, or any speakers you think we should interview, please let us know in the comments.

Below is an overview of the subjects and speakers that will be featured at Techno Security. The conference has four tracks: audit / risk management; forensics; information security; and investigations, along with sponsor demos. Forensic Focus will be concentrating on the digital forensics track throughout the event.

Monday March 9th

The conference will begin with Motti Gabler from the National Center for Audio and Video Forensics discussing how to collect, preserve and analyse digital video evidence. The session will discuss relevant factors in understanding video evidence such as resolution, frame rate, and video compression as well as how these factors may affect the case.

Meanwhile Jeremy Kirby from Susteen will demonstrate how Susteen’s engineers have uncovered the most popular passcodes used by perpetrators. The list will also be provided to attendees after the talk.

Over on the risk management side, Melike Etem will discuss the shift in the regulatory landscape, and what tech companies need to learn from financial services. On the security track, Ronald O’Neal will discuss the practicalities of cyber resilience and why it is increasingly important in today’s world.

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Sponsor demos will take place between 12:00 and 1:00pm. In the demo area, Oxygen will discuss artificial intelligence in digital investigations; T3K-Forensics will talk about the application of AI to law enforcement technology; UnCharted Software will discuss mobile device data and how to present it to a non-technical audience; and BlackBag will share some tips and tricks related to the Blacklight 2019R3 release.

The afternoon sessions will continue with a Supervisory Biometric Images Examiner from the FBI looking at the Next Generation Identification system and how it can be used across the board in forensic investigations. Trey Amick from Magnet Forensics will discuss workplace investigations, including insider threats and data breaches.

The NIST Cyber Security Framework will be under discussion in the risk management track, while Don Malloy from the Initiative for Open Authentication will talk about why it is important to protect your data and system from ransomware.

Standardisation has been a hot topic of late, and at 2:45 Mark Spooner from Dixie State University will share his research into what it takes to bring a digital forensics lab to full accreditation status. Meanwhile Derrick Donnelly from BlackBag will give a demonstration of some of Apple’s new artifacts in the Catalina release.

Gregg Braunton will discuss how to simplify incident response, while speakers from Protiviti will tackle the issue of how to prove a negative, using case studies from their work.

In the demo area, Magnet Forensics will show how to conduct analyses of Android applications; Berla will demonstrate the iVe Ecosystem for acquisition and analysis of data from vehicles; OpenText will display their Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1); and Susteen will give a demo of their DATAPILOT 10.

The day will be rounded off with a law enforcement only session showing how to use drone forensics in criminal investigations. Meanwhile Amber Schroader from Paraben will look at how to capture data from the cloud; and a panel discussion in the investigations track will discuss incident response and how to prepare for the inevitable.

Tuesday March 10th

Sessions on Tuesday will begin at 8:00am with a keynote from Roman Yampolskiy of the University of Louisville, who will discuss artificial intelligence and the future of cybersecurity.

At 9:30am the conference will once again split into several different tracks, with Rex Lee tackling the thorny topic: ‘What Surveillance Capitalism Means For You: Cybersecurity and Privacy Threats Posed by Smartphones, Tablet PCs and Connected Products.’

In the demo area, Truxton Forensics will show how to aggregate data from disparate sources, while Berla and BlackBag will discuss their recent collaboration with a view to bridging accessibility between mobile phone and vehicle data.

In the risk management track a panel discussion will take palce on the topic of the California Consumer Privacy Act which came into place on the 1st of January this year.

Trey Amick from Magnet Forensics will look at forensic artifacts and techniques for Mac investigations, while Lynita Hinsch from Allstate Insurance will give attendees a toolbox approach to Windows memory.

The security track will see speakers from Synopsys demonstrating how to perform a professional web application penetration test, while OpenText will show how to use artificial intelligence to augment threat hunting and incident response.

AccessData’s Justin Tolman will take to the stage in the forensics track, discussing advanced image analysis, while Felipe Chee from the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office will look at how to use open source tools to defeat encryption.

In the demo area, Susteen will once again be showing the capabilities of their DATAPILOT 10, while Magnet will be demonstrating how AXIOM Cyber can help to address cybercrime threats.

Following lunch, Cobwebs Technologies will be in the demo area showing how to find cryptocurrency wallet footprints over the deep web and the dark web, while Sumuri LLC will take attendees through their RECON LAB, a Mac-native forensic suite.

Rob Attoe from Spyder Forensics will be looking at the Windows 10 Timeline using SQL queries to exploit the data, while Steven Bolt from Bechtel will look at the tools and tactics of nation state adversaries over on the investigation track.

The afternoon’s demos will continue with MSAB discussing how to overcome the challenge of big data using analytics, while GetData Forensics will demonstrate their Forensic Explorer software.

Rene Novoa from Oxygen Forensics will talk attendees through WhatsApp analysis, while Arman Gungor from Metaspike will show how to forensically authenticate emails to verify their credentials.

Meanwhile representatives from Truxton will discuss forensics in the cloud, while in the demo area BlackBag will show their MacQuisition triage functionality.

The day will draw to a close with a discussion of APFS imaging considerations for forensic examiners, while Brian Carrier from Basis Technology will look at how to investigate cyber attack cases.

Wednesday March 11th

The final day of the conference will begin at 8:00am with an early riser session devoted to crypto currency investigations and the dark web.

At 9:15am the tracks will be divided up, with Andrea Amico from Privacy4Cars looking at how to commit and solve crimes with cars. A panel discussion will take place in the security track which will discuss the role of artificial intelligence in next-gen forensic defense and protection.

Speakers from Digital Mountain will show how to extract and analyse data from social networking sites and smartphone apps, while the risk management track will see speakers from NVISNx talking about how to manage security risks at all levels of a company, from individual departments to the boardroom.

At 10:30am Jerry Bui from Lighthouse will discuss how to reinvent the standard operating procedure for corporate forensics, while Yossi Appleboum from Sepio Systems will look at rogue device mitigation.

On the forensic track, John Wilson from HaystackID will provide an introduction to the blockchain and cryptocurrency investigations lab, while Joseph Oregon will take the security track through the intricacies of securing the digital homeland.

In the demo area, Spyder Forensics will show how Intella Connect can be used for collaborative review; Jessica Callinan and Renato Nerida will provide attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals of forensic video analysis; and Grayshift will demonstrate how Grayekey works on iOS devices.

After lunch, sessions will begin with Charles Giglia from Digital Intelligence asking whether CCleaner is “the end of forensics as we know it.” Johnmichael O’Hare from Cobwebs will talk about mass casualty shootings and their implications for forensic investigations.

These sessions will be followed by Kristopher Carver from BlueRISC talking about live forensics in locked computers, while Chester Hosmer discusses how to investigate fake digital photos.

There will also be networking events taking place throughout the conference, which will be advertised during the conference and in the program. Find out more and register to attend here.

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