Jade Promhouse, Software Tester, Magnet Forensics

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Magnet Forensics.

My name is Jade Promhouse and I’m a software tester on the development team. I joined Magnet Forensics full time in 2016 after completing my degree in Computational Math. As a software tester, I try to mimic the customer experience and perspective as closely as possible, and test the latest bug fixes and features. I add my own unique perspective to this as well. In this way, I can test the software to see if it works as the customer would expect, and also provide feedback on features to the developers and product managers.How long have you worked there?

I’ve been working at Magnet, in one capacity or another, since September 2015. I began here as an intern, or co-op student, and then transitioned to full time once I graduated.

What was it like being a co-op first and then transitioning to full time?

Not difficult honestly. Magnet is very good about treating co-ops like full timers, so there wasn’t much of a transition, if at all. Well, I did get a pay raise…

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What are some of the projects you’ve worked on?

I’ve worked on both the artifacts and the AXIOM Examine teams, which each have their own projects. The former deals with hunting down artifacts and is much more data focused than the latter. While on that team, I worked on the development of several new artifacts. And while there are certain similarities here and there, each artifact is unique in its own way, so the testing is never really the same between tickets. The AXIOM Examine team works more on the front end; the analyzing and reporting tool that our customers use to sift through the artifact hits we find for them. It’s much more UI focused, which was my specialty in my other co-op terms. Both are fun and rewarding.

What drew you to Magnet Forensics?

I was drawn to the company for a few different reasons. Understanding the values and mission at Magnet Forensics really reinforced that I wanted to be part of a team that is making a difference and values selflessness. Everything we do here is done knowing that the tools we build will empower digital forensics examiners and investigators to get to the truth. That’s really compelling. Additionally, I had heard stories from a friend about the people who worked there, the great culture the company had, and the great work they did. It was clear to me that the team has a high level of trust in each other. When I graduated, I knew I wanted to find a work environment where the team would have a “family feel” and sense of trust. Magnet Forensics is a perfect fit.

Why do you think people are drawn to forensics careers?

It’s a very rewarding field. Knowing that the work you’re doing is making a difference feels good and definitely promotes sleeping well at night. I think the idea of making a difference plays into the decision to work in the forensics field quite a bit. There are a lot of similarities in the work you can do at any tech company, and in some of the perks. The software industry can be really competitive about talent, so having a moral purpose really makes a company stand out to a lot of new grads like me.

How does Magnet Forensics and the work being done there keep you engaged?

Jad Saliba – the founder of Magnet Forensics – often tells us stories from our customers that show the impact of what we are doing. Those stories help me feel proud of the work we do as a company. I enjoy coming in to work every day, and the main reason for that is the people I work with. This company is full of amazing people, who work hard and care about each other’s success.

Magnet Forensics provide digital forensic solutions to law enforcement agencies and corporate clients around the world. In 2016 they launched AXIOM, an upgrade to their popular Internet Evidence Finder product. You can find out more and keep up to date with news on magnetforensics.com.

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