2022 Q1 MD-Series Release Note Highlights

Find out the major features in MD-Series that are supported in Q1 2022. Following versions of the product will be including features released in this Q1.

MD-NEXT v1.91.1 – v1.91.3

  • Supports 182 new models, updated 57 Models. 
  • Android Full filesystem extraction method supports Samsung Exynos Android 12 devices. 
  • Improved support for automatic ‘Exporting the Gallery Cache File’. 
  • Added a pop-up message when trying to acquire Android version 12 where the version is incorrectly displayed as 11 in recovery mode.

MD-RED v3.9.0 – v3.9.10

  • Supports 20 new apps for Android, and 10 new apps for iOS.
  • Improvements of Search feature – Added Hashset search, Usage of multiple search words, Multiple deletions of search results.
  • Supports Drone App analysis result exportation to MD-DRONE.
  • Supports checking the source file of the selected analysis result in the filesystem.
  • Improvements of Analysis – Improved analysis of the unused area in EXT4 filesystem and added meta file (*.ufd) of extraction image).
  • Video meta-information (TimeZone) is displayed in the analysis result.
  • Improvements of Filesystem analysis – BitLocker, iOS Full filesystem image extracted by Cellebrite UFED, and timestamp in NTFS filesystem.
  • Improved report of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) – Decrypt information support, added formats of the source file.

MD-LIVE v3.4.13 – v3.4.15

  • The recording investigation feature added ‘Audio recording’ option into the ‘HDMI Mirroring Screen’ and ‘Audio Sync Control (All/Individual).
  • Improved extraction process of backup data for Huawei devices with Harmony OS 2.0.
  • Supports App downgrade of ‘imo beta’ app.

MD-VIDEO v3.9.1 – v3.10.0

  • New Extraction support
  1. Supports the new Dashcam model – Pontus (Guardian, TAT 32).
  2. Supports removable disk extraction.
  • New and improved recovery feature.
  1. Supports ‘Partial Recovery’ feature that allows users to select recovery time range based on video data or OCR scanned time.
  2. Improved to proceed with 2 types of recovery method – ‘Basic Recovery’, ‘Custom Recovery’.
  3. Supports deleted photo and video file recovery in TAT 16/32.
  • New and improved AI analysis feature.
  1. AI analysis supports the new ‘Weapons’ category of object detection, and improved UI & UX detection.
  2. Improvements of Frame Analysis features – Motion Deblur, and Perspective Transform.
  3. Time/Channel OCR supports auto detection of channel numbers by each digit when selecting Channel OCR area.
  • Supports analysis summary view.
  • Added GPU card models supported Volta, Ampere architecture (19 models).

MD-CLOUD v1.8.2

  • Improved extraction stability of Facebook and Google Drive.
  • Supports the latest location history formats of Google Takeout.

Check the major features of MD-Series released in Q1 2022, if you would like to know more visit our blog!

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