2022 Q3 MD-Series Release Note Highlights

We are excited to share our Release Note Highlights for 2022 Q3. Find out the major updates and improvements in MD-Series! Products and versions that are updated in Q3 are: MD-NEXT v1.91.10 ~ v1.91.14 Supported New phone models – 28… Read more

Deep dive into ‘METADATA’

Deep dive into ‘METADATA’ Hancom is glad to release a new whitepaper of ‘Metadata’, and hope this can help you to improve your forensic investigation skills. This whitepaper focuses on the research of Metadata. We will use MD-RED and analyze… Read more

2022 2Q MD-Series Release Note Highlights

Find out the major features in MD-Series that are supported in 2Q 2022.  MD-NEXT v1.91.4–v1.91.9 Supports new 2,428 models, updated 783 Models. Android Full filesystem extraction method added Samsung Galaxy S22 Qualcomm Series. Supports iOS Checkm8 Full Filesystem (iOS 15.0∼15.2.1… Read more

2022 Q1 MD-Series Release Note Highlights

Find out the major features in MD-Series that are supported in Q1 2022. Following versions of the product will be including features released in this Q1. MD-NEXT v1.91.1 – v1.91.3 Supports 182 new models, updated 57 Models. Android Full filesystem extraction… Read more

Finding Important Artifacts in Recycle Bin

A green recycle logo with white circuit board lines depicting data recycling
Recycle Bin can become an important clue to the case. It might provide the trace of a trial to hide or to conceal a clue. This whitepaper focuses on the research of deleted files from various types of apps in… Read more

New Challenge of Drone Forensics, MD-DRONE

Empower Your Investigation With Drone Forensic Solution, MD-DRONE. MD–DRONE is a forensic software for extracting and analyzing data from the various data sources of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)/Drones from global manufacturers such as DJI, Parrot, and PixHawk. Data can be… Read more

Year In Review: 2021 MD-Series Product Highlights

Go check how MD-Series got new and improved features in 2021. If you want to read the full version of 2021 Release Note Highlights, visit our blog at the link below. MD-NEXT v1.89.13-v1.90.17 Supports 1,500 new models and updated 261 models. Supports 66 downgrade apps MD-RED… Read more

Major Features of MD-Series Released in 2021 4Q

Check the major features of MD-Series released in 2021 4Q. Visit our blog to check the full paragraph with product images. MD-NEXT v1.90.12 ~ v1.90.17 Bootloader supports extraction of feature phone which based Spreadtrum Chipset.Android Full Filesystem extraction supports 21 models (Exynos)… Read more

How to Export Report and Media in MD-VIDEO

We’ve been introducing various features of MD-VIDEO this year and this is the last episode of the how-to video of MD-VIDEO. You can learn how to export reports and media from MD-VIDEO.Check out various types of options to export reports… Read more

HancomWITH MD-Series Release Note Highlights (3Q 2021)

Find out the new and updated features of MD-Series in 3Q. MD-NEXT v1.90.3 ~ v1.90.11 Android Full Filesystem extraction for Android 11 Galaxy A series – Supports A10, A11, A30, A40, A50, Jean2, Wide4 series.Increased iOS FFS extraction success ratio… Read more