5th Annual China Computer Forensics Conference & Exhibition (CCFC 2009)

CCFC 2009 will be held in Beijing, China from 6-8 December 2009. Over the past four years, the CCFC event has established itself as the recognized premier conference & exhibition in China focused on computer, digital and mobile forensics. With the aim of making CCFC 2009 the best event in China in 2009, the organizers have invited Chinese and foreign computer forensic experts, world renowned investigators, computer forensic developers, researchers and manufacturers to provide instruction and presentations on computer/digital/mobile forensic hardware and software products, computer forensic investigation methodologies, best practices and lessons learned…- Presentations must be submitted by 30 October 2009 –

CCFC 2009 will introduce new products and highlight exhibits from some of the leading computer and mobile forensic companies in the industry.

We invite you to come to Beijing and participate in what promises to be the most fun and exciting event of 2009.

Email: [email protected] Tel: 1 801 596 2727

We look forward to seeing you in Beijing!

Website: http://www.h11-digital-forensics.com/china-computer-forensics-conference.php

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