AccessData to Host World Tour

A Roadshow World Tour is set to be hosted by AccessData in the month of October. The Roadshow will include several cities in the US as well as Internationally.The Roadshows will provide the opportunity for attendees to learn about what is new with AccessData and what the future holds for its products. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a interactive presentation featuring the soon-to-be released FTK 6.0 and Summation 6.0

Tim Leehealy, AccessData’s Chief Evangelist, will have an open conversation about AccessData’s strategic direction and how they are transforming products like never before to ensure your success.

Each stop along the tour will cover:

-The state of the industry
-AccessData’s strategic position
-What’s new with our product portfolio
-Overview of 6.0 release
-Short- and long-term roadmap

All attendees will receive 20% off any AccessData training classes, as well as have the chance to win a choice of a full year license for Summation or FTK.

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For more information or to register visit AccessData's Roadshow World Tour page.

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