Add Increased Pincode/Passcode Breaking Capabilities To Your Lab

Susteen is proud to announce that our Burner Breaker pincode/passcode/pattern breaking system, which achieved Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” award in the category of Innovations in Security now includes our cutting edge field acquisition device. The Burner Breaker continues to be a leading edge product in helping law enforcement and government agencies gain access to locked mobile devices. The increased capabilities give law enforcement agencies a complete kit that includes analytics, passcode breaking and a field device for quickly acquiring evidence from phones in the field in minutes. Acquire cutting edge technology without breaking the budget.

Along with the robotic arm component for breaking into locked burner phones that cannot talk to software, Susteen has developed new bootloaders for easily bypassing pincodes/passcodes on LG, Samsung and ZTE devices. Law enforcement and government agencies from across the globe, can now speed up investigations and acquire evidence from thousands of new phones and tablet computers.

Don’t wait, call today! 949-341-0007The new Burner Breaker system comes complete with an easier to use interface as well as magnetic locking system to help keep mobile devices from moving while on the pad. Now in use with over 150 law enforcement and government agencies, the Burner Breaker system has become an integral part of mobile device forensics. Complete with Susteen’s Secure View cell phone forensic software, Data Pilot 10 Field Acquisition Device and new Cloud Analyzer, the Burner Breaker system offers value and advanced capabilities.

Started in 1992, Susteen is a world leader in the data transfer and mobile forensic industry. Offering access to thousands of cell phones and tablet computers, Susteen leads the way in both the corporate and law enforcement industries. Susteen has created a new division that is partnering with established leaders in the cryptocurrency market, traditional “brick and mortar” product and service companies, branding and marketing companies, specialized software providers and banking institutions to move forward with its vision in this exciting new ecosystem.

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Coupled with the raw technological strength and experience of Susteen, Susteen’s founder Hiro Maruyama has long and deep relationships with significant leaders in many international business communities. Susteen is working to integrate and practically utilize these new blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies into a broader market of established traditional companies. Call us today! 949-341-0007

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