Unlock Mobile Devices Using These Popular Codes

We have collected thousands of pattern lock codes for Android using our Burner Breaker technology and we have discovered the top gesture codes used to UNLOCK Android devices. For example, the most popular pattern lock code is 3 2 5… Read more

Susteen Launches Major Updates For Lab And Field Acquisitions

DATAPILOT 10 Field Triage Device The DATAPILOT 10 is intended to increase your agency’s operational capabilities in the field. Gain quick access to time-sensitive evidence data where it is needed most. Works with current forensic tools in your arsenal! April… Read more

Add Increased Pincode/Passcode Breaking Capabilities To Your Lab

Susteen is proud to announce that our Burner Breaker pincode/passcode/pattern breaking system, which achieved Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” award in the category of Innovations in Security now includes our cutting edge field acquisition device. The Burner Breaker continues… Read more

5 Ways Size Makes A Difference In Forensics

Forensics is frustrating, like most situations, when you lack the right tools. Work in the field tests and proves theories discussed in an office. In theory, forensic solutions are needed, but they can’t come in a package the size of… Read more

Acquire Mobile Forensic Evidence In Minutes… Not Hours

Susteen’s new Data Pilot 10 Field Acquisition Device: For the first time ever, while in the field, you can easily access and retrieve data from phones in minutes, while quickly searching for known keywords and lists. Full reporting features, help… Read more

It’s Here: Susteen’s New Field Acquisition Device

Susteen’s new Field Acquisition Device is available worldwide for purchase. Finally add an affordable, cutting edge, mobile forensic device to your arsenal. Acquire evidence in the field, export for analyzing back in the lab. Acquire data in minutes instead of… Read more

Job Opening: Business Development Representative- Mobile Forensics

Susteen has multiple openings for Business Development Representatives throughout the United States. With the launch of our new Field Acquisition Device and current demand, we have immediate sales openings for representatives with law enforcement/DOD/Forensic backgrounds.Applicants should have knowledge of the… Read more

Centralize All Your Digital Forensic Tools In One Location

Susteen's Forensic Director manages all Digital Forensic tools in one centralized portal designed specifically for law enforcement agencies as well as the public and private sectors. Correlate, Integrate and Encrypt all evidence captured from a multitude of digital forensic tools.… Read more

New Social Media & Cloud Analyzer

The Susteen Cloud Analyzer is an affordable, easy-to-use forensic tool for law enforcement agencies and corporations. Susteen has been working hard with local agencies to ensure access to the most popular social media and cloud sources. Now, your agency can… Read more