It’s Here: Susteen’s New Field Acquisition Device

Susteen’s new Field Acquisition Device is available worldwide for purchase.

Finally add an affordable, cutting edge, mobile forensic device to your arsenal. Acquire evidence in the field, export for analyzing back in the lab. Acquire data in minutes instead of hours and instantly view on the scene!

Affordable: Introductory pricing under $1,000

Breakthrough Technology: Mirror and acquire any evidence found on the phone, including encrypted and cloud based apps like Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and more.

Real-Time Acquisition: Acquire the evidence you need for the time period you need. Select from the last 30 minutes, 24 hours, week, month, all or anything in between! Get the evidence that is pertinent to live situations.

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•Designed for rugged use in the field.
•Easily switches between acquiring data from Android to iOS mobile and tablet devices.
•Touch screen with evidence search and reporting.
•Fast acquisition process allows for immediate data retrieval to help the situation on scene.
•Compatible Export for evidence analysis in the lab.
•Designed for easy use with minimal training. Training provided at no cost via on-demand.
•64-bit computing

See the Future of Mobile Forensics“We surveyed large state agencies and listened to the needs of our partners in law enforcement. Our field acquisition device is specifically designed for quick responses in the field, with fast acquisition, searching and reporting and then providing data back in the lab.”

Works Well With Others: Modern mobile forensic software must be able to work with other tools in your forensic arsenal. Export evidence to be analyzed in other forensic tools.

Easily deploy multiple units out in the field and get the evidence data back to the lab for full analyzation. Finally easily acquire evidence on the scene from witnesses, victims and suspects. Optical acquisition method for taking photographic evidence from phones and crime scenes.

Contact Us Today for live demonstrations, webinars and additional info. 949-341-0007

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