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On August 28, Griffeye is hosting a webinar on how to create more efficient workflows using the Griffeye Technology. You will learn how to use different techniques and tools to reduce workload and generate better results.

A significant challenge to investigators and their teams is the slow and laborious process of manually reviewing millions of seized images and videos. So, in this one and a half-hour webinar we will demonstrate how the Griffeye Technology can be used as a part of your digital investigations to increase efficiency, reduce workload and achieve better results. Not only will it decrease the time it takes to locate possible victims but also reduce the exposure to the material.

In the webinar, you will learn all about:

• Using the power of filters
• De-Duplication of matched files
• Database Matching techniques to exclude known files
• Workflows to maximize results and minimize exposure
• Using Griffeye’s newest technologies and how to use them in your workflows
• Features that are currently in development and coming soon

Presenter: Eric Oldenburg, Law Enforcement Liaison, Griffeye

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Date / Time: Tuesday August 28th, 3pm CST

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