5 Ways Size Makes A Difference In Forensics

Forensics is frustrating, like most situations, when you lack the right tools.

Work in the field tests and proves theories discussed in an office. In theory, forensic solutions are needed, but they can’t come in a package the size of a house or at the cost of a new car.

Agents in field, need to have a forensic solution that’s not too big. It needs to fit in the palm of your hand. Who has the space to carry it in a suitcase or lug a desktop computer around.

In short, then, here’s our Top 5 Ways Size Makes a Difference

1. Size Matters
2. Tough and Rugged
3. It’s currently missing from your toolkit
4. Mobile Forensic Solutions Can Now Be in The Field
5. Give the Lab Guys Better Sourced Field Evidence

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Data Pilot 10 Field Acquisition Device


Some are quick reader types and never get past 2 paragraphs. For those who look for more details, here’s the next level summary on 5 Ways Size Makes a Difference (in Forensics).

#1, Size Matters
We can hear the “size jokes” coming. Truly, Size Matters in law enforcement. More jokes? Got it.

When heading into a crime scene, or just everyday use for Border, local PD, and Sheriff – how many things are hanging on your toolbelt? How heavy is it getting (metaphorically or physically)? It’s all about essential law enforcement tools for the belt.

Here’s what we hear all the time. “Small size is sorely lacking in Mobile Forensics! It’s got to be both small and mobile. This is what we need to stop more crimes.”

The Data Pilot 10 is the same size as the iPhone Plus. It’s a mobile solution that’s truly palm size for field forensic acquisition, yet rugged enough for everyday use. (And at an affordable price unlike other tools)…

How much evidence are cases missing simply because there isn’t a small and mobile solution?

#2, Tough and Rugged
“You say it’s small and mobile. That’s great. But, is it able to stand up in the field? Will it pass “the drop test? What isn’t needed is something that breaks the first time it gets dropped.”

A mobile forensic solution isn’t worth anything if it breaks easily. That would be throwing critical budget investment funds away.

Yes, it’s both tough and rugged. The DP10 passes the Drop Test. It is covered with protection that’s Better than an OtterBox on your phone.

Field tools have to be built for real life crime scenes.

How many field situations happen in challenging settings where a rugged mobile solution is important?

#3, It’s Missing from Your Forensic Toolkit
How many mobile forensic solutions currently exist in your department?

What percentage of agents/officers currently have a mobile forensic solution?

Our guess is that the answer to these two questions is either Too Many or Not Enough…

Susteen wants to help you Stop Missing Evidence by putting a mobile Forensic solution in the hands of those seeking to protect and serve. Cutting edge new acquisition methods give you the ability to acquire data from applications you never could have dreamed possible, while cost effective enough to distribute multiple units throughout your city/state/country.

How many phones at a crime scene have evidence you need?

#4, Mobile Forensic Solutions Can Now Be in The Field

It’s small – check.
It’s mobile – check.
It’s rugged – check.
It’s powerful – check.

The DP10 can be in the field with every officer/agent so you can get more evidence.

Collect evidence from phones present. Get the video footage on witnesses’ phones. Oh my! One of the most frustrating comments we hear, is about evidence on a witnesses’ phone that gets passed by and uncollected. Without a forensic solution in the field, this trend will continue to stall investigations and maybe keep them from closing.

Would you like to get evidence immediately because the forensic tool/solution is present?

#5, Give the Lab Guys Better Sourced Field Evidence
Is your lab backed up because of the extra time to search and get to essential evidence?

Imagine having a mobile forensic solution designed to focus on just the critical evidence and leave behind what’s not pertinent.

The labs would be able to provide more evidence that is essential if a field forensic solution were in the field. This leads to a higher percentage of closed cases.

The DP10 allows for immediate ability to get just the critical data. There’s no more time lag for the lab guys to sort through non-essential evidence.

In short, again, here’s our Top 5 Ways Size Makes a Difference

1. Size Matters
2. Tough and Rugged
3. It’s currently missing from your toolkit
4. Mobile Forensic Solutions Can Now Be in The Field
5. Give the Lab Guys Better Sourced Field Evidence

Finally! A Mobile Forensic Tool is Possible for Every LE Officer.
The Data Pilot 10 (DP10) is Susteen’s advanced mobile forensic evidence solution that’s affordable, fast, and friendly to use.

Yes, It’s Affordable. Finally, you can get forensic software that won’t “break the bank.” Not only is it affordable, it’s rugged and small enough that it fits in your hand. Gathering the critical evidence at a crime scene must can now take only minutes. Now every department of law enforcement can afford mobile digital forensic tools for their officers.

At only $1,495 the DP10 Won’t Break the Bank!
Are you tired of the evidence problem because of a lack of mobile forensic solution?

Please join us in fighting for safer communities and forward this article to them.

Bring justice for the victims. Act now while it’s top of mind.

(949) 341-0007

Data Pilot 10

The advanced mobile forensic solution that’s affordable, fast, and friendly to use.


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