Susteen’s Affordable Mobile Forensic Field Triage Device Keeps Getting Better

Add Tip-of-the-Spear functionality to your agency with a device that allows you to be proactive instead of reactive. Get evidence when you need it and where you need it! Try the DATAPILOT 10 today and see what everyone is talking about. Join us at the Techno Security conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina June 2-5 and learn how your agency can begin collecting and viewing evidence data instantly in the field. At only $1,495, this revolutionary device is setting a new standard for quick access to digital evidence.

Visit us and request a demonstration today!Join Jeremy Kirby, Susteen’s Director of Sales, for an informative, hands-on presentation at 1:30 PM Eastern time on Tuesday, June 4th. This demonstration at the Techno Security conference will showcase actual use-cases of current users, as well as demonstrate new instant acquisition technology.

The new DATAPILOT 10 has been able to bring cutting edge acquisition methods to your agency, while keeping the cost down so as not to destroy your budget. While other tools continue to add new capabilities while adding new costs, the DATAPILOT has updated monthly without any new costs involved. “Premium service without the premium price.”

What can the DATAPILOT 10 do for your agency?
• Save your lab team time: Allow your lab team to focus on analyzing the data instead of lengthy acquisitions
• Cut down on the backlog of phones in your lab
• Save your agency money: Save you thousands of dollars yearly! How much are you paying for your current mobile forensic tools? How much is your current yearly maintenance and renewal fee? Acquire multiple DATAPILOT devices for the cost of one other tool.
• Save community lives
• Instant access to evidence data
• Time-Slice Technology allows you to acquire only the data you need from a specific time frame
• Flex Acquisitions allows you to select only the data type that you need to speed up your investigation

Add Tip-of-the-Spear functionality to your agency with a device that allows you to be proactive instead of reactive. Get evidence when you need it and where you need it! Try the DATAPILOT 10 today and see what everyone is talking about.

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What are agencies saying about the DATAPILOT 10?

"Over the past two decades I have used every mobile forensic tool on the market at one point or another, each has their strengths and weakness. Since my agency has acquired the DP10 we have been able to capture data from mobile devices of witnesses,victims and suspects at the patrol level and access it instantly. No more waiting for evidence to come back from the lab. Little to no training is required and the evidence is forensically sound. The DP10 is a game changer, nothing like it exists on the market today." – Det. Sgt. James Cadden

"I would like to say that the new DataPilot 10 is an excellent new product. On the first use I only needed a specific date range which is a feature on the DataPilot 10. It downloaded only the information during that date range and pulled a large amount of data to include videos from Snapchat and Instagram which I have had issues with in the past. The other feature of the DataPilot 10 I used, that is a great feature, is that you can photograph the actual screen that is displayed on the phone as it appears on the phone. No more cameras needed to try to capture the screen with glares or blurry pictures. The data is easily transferred from the DataPilot 10 to a thumb drive or computer. It is truly one of the easiest devices to use." – Det. Karen McDonald

"I was working a case with my current mobile forensic tool and noticed that when I downloaded the evidence data from the suspect’s iPhone, the actual conversation I needed was inside a messaging app that was not acquired. I called Susteen and the local rep in Ohio answered the phone. Steve went over the new DATAPILOT 10. This device uses new technology that could get digital screen shots within most applications found in cell phones. Unfortunately, the new device wasn’t out on the market yet. Steve went above and beyond by driving up to my agency with the Data Pilot 10 device two hours later! We got right to work and within 10-15 minutes I had the valuable conversation in hand! It took screen shots right inside the app and made perfect duplicates of the conversation with photos and all. I was impressed with the service and with the device as well. We actually ordered our own the next day. Thanks to Susteen and Steve in Ohio for your dedication to help customers." –Sgt. Joe Mullet

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