What’s Happening In Forensics

Hexacorn suggests that the Run key in the Windows registry could be interesting for forensic investigators to look at.

Harlan Carvey wrote a post discussing troubleshooting and deep knowledge, or what to do when a tool that we’re using doesn’t return what we expect to see.

Chris Dale interviewed Roger Miller of Consilio about investigations and the new imperatives in global eDiscovery.

ElcomSoft have shared a step-by-step guide to iOS jailbreaking and physical acquisition.

Dancho Danchev has added an audio option which allows readers to listen to every blog post on his site.

Another interview from Chris Dale: this time talking to David Lapresi of Phillips Lytle on the need for lawyers to adopt technology.

Researchers at New York University have built a new camera that makes it easier to detect deepfakes.

Amazon have added an ‘Alexa, delete what I just said’ option to their Echo devices. It remains to be seen what the “delete” option will mean from a forensic perspective.

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