Acquire Mobile Forensic Evidence In Minutes… Not Hours

Susteen’s new Data Pilot 10 Field Acquisition Device: For the first time ever, while in the field, you can easily access and retrieve data from phones in minutes, while quickly searching for known keywords and lists. Full reporting features, help agents in the field, make quick real-time decisions.

This device is user friendly and the acquired data is compatible with other digital forensic tools you already have back at the lab.

Affordable to all types of LE agencies, and Introductory pricing is available for a “limited time” so please click here to get a quote today and reserve your devices. Want an on-site demonstration? Contact Us today![image]

Designed for rugged use in the field

Easily switches between acquiring data from Android to iOS mobile and tablet devices.

Touch screen with evidence search and reporting.

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Fast acquisition process allows for immediate data retrieval to help the situation on scene.

Compatible Export for evidence analysis in the lab.

Designed for easy use with minimal training. Training provided at no cost via e-learning on-demand interface.

Cutting Edge acquisition methods including screen mirroring on Android an iOS devices- If you can see the evidence on the phone, you can capture it on the device!

Perfect for gaining immediate access to evidence while in the field, without breaking your budget.


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