Amped FIVE’s Latest Update Makes Evidence Intake And Verification Easier

Amped Software, a leading developer of forensic image and video analysis solutions used by law enforcement and government agencies worldwide, today announced the latest update to Amped FIVE (Revision 13609), the complete software solution to process and analyze digital video and images.

The latest release includes the new Copy and Verify tool to allow users to verify their evidence straight from Amped FIVE, cutting down on the number of third-party tools or process and, more importantly, saving time and making the workflow even more straightforward.

One of the core principles of working with digital data in a forensic capacity is ensuring that data remains unchanged during investigation and analysis. At Amped Software, one of our core values is that all of our products are forensically sound. Steps we take to ensure this include using only filters to apply enhancements, generating detailed reports providing the ability to reproduce and audit analyst actions, and making sure the original file remains untouched during an import or conversion.Video acquisition is not an easy task and the generation and comparison of unique hash values for digital data is very important. Amped FIVE has already provided hashing and verification of digital data through the Verify filter set, but we realized that the integrity of digital data must be ensured from the moment any digital data is captured all the way through to copying to workstations, during analysis, and to the final presentation.

The Copy and Verify tool can be very useful when you are tasked with retrieving video from a stand-alone DVR as part of a case. At the scene, the video is saved onto some sort of removable storage, be it a hard drive, CD, DVD, SD card or USB drive in its native format, secured, and delivered back to the office. You then need to review the video and perhaps perform an analysis, which means the data must be transferred to a write-blocked forensic workstation. Copy and Verify, found under File, allows you to navigate to your removable media, folder or file, and seamlessly copy the files while simultaneously creating and comparing hash values.

Other New Features

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This release also includes an update to the Milestone Archive decoding library to the latest available version, improving compatibility with more recent exports from the Milestone XProtect versions.

The cut point is now made configurable in the Unroll filter using the parameter Start Angle.

The ability to hide lines and measurements in the Measure 1D/2D/3D filters has been added.

You will also find the Add Text filter has new macros, $ORIGINALPOSITIONTIME and $ORIGINALPOSITIONFRAMES, allowing for the referencing of original frames position in the video, and we’ve enhanced our $POSITIONTIME macro to support timestamp-based video formats such as Milestone.

The Add Timestamp filter now includes a new parameter to adjust the frame rate according to the user-defined start or end timestamps.

If you import multiple videos with different frame rates into the Timeline filter, you’ll now notice that the filter changes the playback speed to accommodate the differing frame rates making your output Timeline video much smoother.

Adjustments have also been made to the History Panel – you can now edit the name of a chain by simply double-clicking it within the History Panel, and navigating using the up and down arrow keys now updates the Viewer Panel for easier visualization of filter results.

Using a mouse wheel to adjust the Speed and Volume sliders is now more intuitive as opposed to reversed, allowing for a more natural way to quickly increase or decrease the viewing speed or volume of a video in Amped FIVE.

Find out more about the latest update here.

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