Announcing Magnet AXIOM Cyber — Now In Beta!

We’re excited to share a new solution, purpose-built for organizations needing to perform remote acquisitions and collect & analyze evidence from computers, cloud services, and mobile devices: Magnet AXIOM Cyber.

AXIOM Cyber is now available for free beta testing for AXIOM customers and those who are new to AXIOM. Visit the Magnet AXIOM Cyber Beta page to be the first to try the most modern solution for your cybersecurity investigations and provide valuable feedback.

What to Expect in Magnet AXIOM Cyber

Whether it’s employee misconduct, fraud, IP theft, or incident response, AXIOM Cyber will be a powerful tool in your organization’s investigations. Building upon the capabilities of Magnet AXIOM, AXIOM Cyber will not only allow you acquire and analyze evidence from computer, cloud, and mobile sources, but will also allow you to:

– Get point-to-point remote acquisition — Obtain evidence from target endpoints, even if they are not connected to your corporate network.

– Use an on-demand remote acquire agent — Deploy the agent (ad hoc), so you don’t need one on every single endpoint.

– Acquire from cloud services — Get evidence from cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Office365, Slack, Microsoft Teams, G Suite,, and more

– Automatically resume collection — Reconnect and resume collections where they left off when connectivity to the target is lost.

Additionally, AXIOM Cyber will incorporate all the features of AXIOM that help in your investigations, including:

– The ability to easily produce reports for non-technical stakeholders

– Examine evidence from all sources—computer, cloud, and mobile—in one case

– Quick performance of root cause analysis

– Visualization of key data with features like Connections and Timeline

– Acquisition of unencrypted collections of files even when the source drive is encrypted

– Ongoing updates that provide you with new features that optimize productivity and performance

Join the AXIOM Cyber Beta Program Today!

Looking to be the first to try AXIOM Cyber? Be sure to head over to our AXIOM Cyber page for more information and to sign up to participate.

If you’re new to AXIOM, this can be a great opportunity to get started — sign up over at the Beta page today and try AXIOM Cyber for free.

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