Arsenal Image Mounter now available on GitHub

Arsenal Image Mounter is now available on GitHub under a dual license.

Arsenal Imager Mounter is the image mounter/physical disk driver used by Registry Recon to mount forensic images as physical disks and includes a complete virtual SCSI adapter which allows the disks within forensic images to be mounted as physical disks (rather than shares or partitions) on Microsoft Windows, facilitating disk-specific features like access to Volume Shadow Copies, integration with Disk Manager, etc. It is currently geared towards digital forensics and incident response developers rather than end users. The dual-license allows Arsenal Image Mounter to be integrated into projects which are AGPL v3 compatible. We hope it helps others in our community like it has helped us, e.g. allowing developers to more easily access Volume Shadow Copies within forensic images… and in turn, allowing users to do the same!

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