Autopsy 3: Windows-based, Easy to Use, and Free

If you are like many digital investigators, you’ve heard about the Autopsy™ digital forensics tool and associate it with a course that used Linux to analyze a device. Or, maybe you associate it with a book that made references to the Linux/OS X tool, but it wasn’t applicable to you at the time because you were using Windows. This article is about how Autopsy 3 is different. In fact it is a complete rewrite from version 2 and is now applicable to everyone. It will change the way you think about digital forensics tools.

Let’s start off with the fundamentals: Autopsy 3 runs on Windows with an easy to use, double-click installer. No dependency hells that you may typically associate with open source tools. No esoteric download paths or source code repositories to navigate through. Just download the latest from and run the installer…

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