Backbone Security Announces New Versions of StegAlyzer Tools for 64-Bit Platform

Backbone Security has announced availability of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of their popular digital steganography detection tools for use on forensic workstations running 64-bit operating systems. The new versions of the tools can run under Windows XP Pro x64, Windows Vista x64, and Windows 7 x64 and is in line with the growing evolution toward 64-bit forensic workstations…As applications continue demanding more memory and file sizes in general continues to grow, the memory limitation of 4GB for 32-bit platforms is becoming more painful to endure. Accordingly, more and more forensic examiners are migrating to 64-bit platforms as their high end forensic workstations.

StegAlyzerAS™ detects the fingerprints (hash values) of file and registry artifacts associated with more than 800 steganography applications. StegAlyzerSS™ detects the signatures of more than 50 of those applications and provides an automated extraction capability, a “point-click-and-extract” interface”, for a growing number of those applications. These tools were developed in Backbone’s Steganography Analysis and Research Center (SARC) and are widely used by US and international law enforcement agencies; the intelligence community; and private sector computer forensic examiners to detect the presence or use of steganography applications on seized digital media.

This capability was made possible through the use of 64-bit image mounting and auto detection technology provided by Paraben Corporation.

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