Belkasoft Academic Program: Helping Forensic Education

In year 2015, Belkasoft started an academic program for universities and colleges that teach digital forensics and incident response with special conditions for such institutions, including free licenses of Belkasoft Evidence Center.

Belkasoft Evidence Center is an all-in-one forensic solution for examination of computer and mobile devices

Having strong bonds with a local university ourselves (CEO of Belkasoft is a senior lecturer at the university), we know how hard it can be to get funding for a class, especially if the management does not see direct benefit from spending. At the same time, practice is key to learning, especially in a field like digital forensics that requires a practitioner to apply his knowledge daily. Thus, we decided to help educational institutions by creating Belkasoft Academic Program.

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Throughout this year, we have issued hundreds of free licenses to more than 30 universities and colleges in the USA, Canada, Europe, China & South East Asia, Australia and other locations. Students of digital forensic courses in these institutions now have a chance to practice and master their skills using an unrestricted version of world-class mobile and computer forensics software – Belkasoft Evidence Center.

We have been receiving positive feedback from program participants. Here is kind words from one of them:

"Belkasoft Academic Program gives our school the opportunity to let students work with the actual tools that they will make use of when they finish the program and get a job in computer forensics. Unlike other software applications, this software access is not limited in functionality, so the students get to use the full set of tools."

Professor Harry Cooper, Professor of Practice, CyberSecurity, Utica College

As a part of our Academic Program, we supplied IACIS 2015 Training event with a number of licenses of Belkasoft Evidence Center, becoming IACIS Titanium level sponsor. Read more in our blog:

Do you teach a non-commercial course in digital forensics or incident response? Welcome to join Belkasoft Academic Program! Please contact us at to learn more details and to apply for participation in the program. If you want to test the product beforehand, please download an evaluation license from our website:
If you would like to learn more about Belkasoft Evidence Center, please also feel free to sign up for our upcoming webinar: Enhance Digital Investigations with new Belkasoft Evidence Center. It will be conducted by Belkasoft CEO Yuri Gubanov on November 4, 2015 at 17:00 UTC. More details about the webinar here:

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