Belkasoft Evidence Center 8.5 Offers Advanced Mobile Forensics and RAM Analysis

Belkasoft updates Belkasoft Evidence Center 2018 (BEC) with multiple improvements, offering live memory analysis and malware detection for Windows 10 RAM dumps and enhancing support for Android physical acquisition. In v.8.5 Belkasoft’s digital forensic suite supports wallet apps for two of the most popular crypto-currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, allowing experts to analyze transaction made with those crypto-currencies.

In addition, Belkasoft Evidence Center 2018 brings support for the latest mobile apps, technologies and operating systems up to date. iCloud backup downloader now supported for all versions of iOS up to and including iOS 11, while logical acquisition of Android devices now supports Android 7 Nougat.”Evidence Center is a well-established digital forensic tool”, says Yuri Gubanov, Belkasoft CEO. “In this release, we are bringing the tool in sync with the latest desktop and mobile operating systems, apps and cloud services. We have also started to recognize the importance of digital crypto-currencies, allowing investigators to access transaction data in Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.”

Other improvements and new features:

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