BlackBag’s BlackLight 2016 R3.1 Is Now Available!

BlackBag® is excited to announce the release of BlackLight®’s newest update, 2016R 3.1. This release features many fixes and improvements, including iOS 10.2 encryption support and an updated EWMounter. Update your software or renew your license!

Learn more about the latest BlackLight release. iOS 10.2

With Apple’s release of iOS 10.2 came a drastic increase in the encryption of its iTunes backups. Following that change, BlackBag® has improved BlackLight®’s ability to import both the iTunes encrypted backups from a Windows or Mac computer, as well as, importing data from an iOS device where the “Encrypt iPhone backup” setting has been selected.


With BlackLight®, we are also releasing its updated EWMounter application. EWMounter is now capable of being used on the newest Apple operating system, macOS Sierra, 10.12. EWMounter is designed to complement BlackLight®, offering the examiner a choice of directly importing an E01 into BlackLight® as an image, or first mounting the E01 and then importing the mounted volume into BlackLight®. EWMounter will automatically mount the E01 in a read-only manner.

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About the Company

BlackBag® Technologies is a developer of innovative forensic acquisition, triage, and analysis software for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac OS X devices. The company’s flagship product, BlackLight, has been adopted worldwide by many digital forensics examiners as a primary analysis tool. Mobilyze, BlackBag®’s groundbreaking mobile device triage tool, empowers virtually all law enforcement personnel, with or without specialized experience, to capably triage and report on data from smartphones.

In addition to software, BlackBag® also develops and delivers expert forensic training and certification programs, designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, military and private sector examiners. Taught by an elite team with considerable law enforcement and digital forensics experience, the courses are tailored to address realistic, multi-platform scenarios simulating the daily challenges of digital evidence.

To learn more about BlackBag®’s software and training, please contact us at 855-844-8890, visit us at, or subscribe to our blog.

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