BlackBag’s Mobilyze 2016 R1 Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the latest version of BlackBag’s mobile device triage tool, Mobilyze 2016 R1! This newest release features Android 6.0 Marshmallow support and an updated drivers pack. In addition, BlackBag regularly maintains an online resources page for troubleshooting Android devices and locating special brand and device specific ADB drivers.

Mobilyze, for those not already familiar with it, was first launched in 2014 and is designed for ease of use, with no need for extensive specialized training. It’s a versatile mobile forensics tool for logically acquiring Android and iPhone/iPad devices and quickly triaging the data.



Mobilyze runs on Windows or Mac OS X, and the evidentiary device is simply connected to the workstation via USB. Even with a locked iPhone, the model number, device name and iOS software version are displayed. Once a device is unlocked with the PIN, investigators can run full or limited collections and can change the sequence in which data items are acquired, allowing customization to fit the dictates of search warrants and time crunches.



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In a matter of minutes, investigators can sift through a device’s data, locate and tag items of interest, and determine whether a more comprehensive analysis should be pursued. If so, cases can be imported into BlackLight without having to perform another collection. Mobilyze displays data in self-explanatory categories (e.g., communications, media, locations, etc.), and it features keyword searching of most fields, parsing of any available geolocation metadata, and filtering by keyword and/or custom timeframe.

[image] [image]


Mobilyze includes a built-in reporting component for creating reports in HTML or PDF formats. The reports present data of interest in an elegant, reader-friendly fashion despite inclusion of some highly technical content, making them ideal for short-notice use at first appearances, bail hearings, etc.

[image] [image]

The real beauty of the tool lies in its accessibility to all Law Enforcement personnel, regardless of digital forensics experience, and its straightforward organization of user data. Mobilyze was specifically created to address the backlogs of smartphones piling up with Law Enforcement agencies due to a lack of resources. With its minimal learning curve, Mobilyze presents practical, easy-to-understand functions for on-scene decisions when time is of the essence.

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