Brett Shavers On DFIR Training And Mental Health In Digital Forensics

Christa: Hello and welcome to the Forensic Focus podcast. Monthly we interview experts from the digital forensics and incident response community, on a host of topics ranging from technical aspects to soft skills. I’m your host, Christa Miller.

Our inaugural guest this month is Brett Shavers, a digital forensics examiner whose experience includes a law enforcement career investigating cybercrime, and serving as an expert consultant in civil litigation cases. Brett has more than 1,000 hours of formal digital forensics training from a variety of US federal agencies and forensic software companies.

He provides private consultations to government agencies and law firms in sensitive legal matters. He’s also an award-winning author of several digital forensics books, such as Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard; Hiding Behind the Keyboard; and The X-Ways Forensics Partitioners' Guide. Brett also manages the digital forensics online resource

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